The Company Melike Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. was established in 2000 in Gaziantep-Turkey by the business manager Ömer Faruk Şimşek.

The first production of our factory was the raw material of chenille yarn with acrylic or polyester fiber, named ring yarn. We buy our acrylic fiber from the German company DRALON and the polyester fibers are FDY or DTY. The ring yarn is the basic of chenille yarn. We use that ring yarn for the production of our qualitatively chenille yarn.

Since our foundation we are the leader in the sector of chenille yarn production in Turkey. We sell our goods to USA, in the Middle East and Europe.

Chenille yarn is a special type of fancy yarn. It has short length of the two “core yarns”, called “pile” which are with a fixed technic twisted. The piles are standing at right angles from the core. That is the reason why the yarn is soft and fuzzy.

The yearly quantity of chenille production is approximately 10.000 tons. Our factory has an own dye-house. We are able to produce more than 50.000 colors. Our warranty for all our customers is that we can match the same color many years later again.

Our longstanding experiences gave us the courage to establish the second factory for the production of acrylic carpet yarn. This important step was the reason of the increase of our company. Now we are the only one company in Turkey who sells the most acrylic carpet yarn to the national carpet factories. We have a big popularity in this sector.

We got lot of inquiries for polypropylene yarn. After intensive calculations we decided to establish our third factory. At the beginning of 2013 the newest facility of Oerlikon Neumag S+ tricolor with 6 positions arrived in our third factory in Gaziantep. The installation and warm-up-time took nearly 3 weeks time. Since the 15th of February we are able to produce our first class polypropylene yarn.

Among of the tricolor machine we have a mono-color facility of Oerlikon Neumag. For the process of Heat-Set and Frize we use the best machines of Superba from France.

In the middle of July 2014 we will start the production of cotton ring yarn (combed). This type of yarn is widely used in confectionary and home textiles. We will supply the cotton from the US. The quality of the yarn is exceptional. Swiss RIETER and German Schlafhorst machinery groups will be operating the production line.

Today is our first aim to increase our international sales. It is very important for us to make the wishes of our customers true. We want to work with continuous orders for a long time. The delivery will be exact and punctual. If there are innovations or new ideas in the general textile production we will inform and indicate our special customer. We promise all customers high discipline and customer satisfaction.

Truth and business transparence are the keywords for a successful business with Melike Tekstil San. And Trade. Inc.

In the end of 2014 we will start the production of cotton yarn. For this we will estabilish our facility number 5 completely with new and last technology machines from Europe. We will let you know when the time is ready for Cotton Yarn.

Melike Tekstil San. And Trade. Inc.