With our 15 years of experience as a traditional brand while staying faithful to the basics, we are releasing our technology as an innovative brand and market the first we introduce. This approach can also track Our human resources. Add people for the group, the other main source of known business resources raises. Starting from recruitment to all employees of human resources processes capable of team work, problem that can decode, customer and quality-oriented principle, communication skills to be high and innovative support. Add Group, the purpose of simultaneous human resources policy, taking into account the two different builds: the business goals and the responsibility towards the environment and the society.

Career Management
Melike Group employees are not perceived as those who manage their managed the business and develop themselves in an attempt is made to ensure the business environment you need to. Employees ' career planning given to the people first and foremost in the best way they can plan their careers, human resources, should provide guidance and support in this direction, it is believed. Career development process, we focus on another matter, the employees they have competencies and performance are evaluated together with the consequences of either vertically or horizontally to other positions or departments is prioritized in the transition.

Job Application and Placement Process
Add Group, corporate culture and values are compatible with the rapidly changing market conditions and increasing competition in the environment, they have skills and personal competencies may be successful with the most appropriate capabilities to include Melike Group Family what works. Interested in working in our company candidates open positions on our website job applications section or service we received Recruitment Portal may apply through our declared contained. References to open positions human resources department by being reviewed and shared with officials of the Department. Eligible candidates are called to interview. Candidates who complete the positive process of recruitment, human resources department by job offer, you are prompted at.

Compensation Management
At all levels of our employees wages and rights, job evaluation and compensation are determined within the framework of our system. We treat our employees fairly, is presented in a competitive wages and Benefis package on the market. We provide side rights are continuously improved according to the needs of our employees.